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Who Is ECO Growtech?

Eco Growtech is a Canadian owned and operated company. We are based out of Kelowna BC and have roots in the Kootenay cannabis culture. Our product line consists of cutting edge and eco-friendly LED Grow Lights for all stages of growing as well as Controls & Automation, both of which are available for commercial and residential applications.


ECO Growtech uses the latest in LED chip technology and top of the line drivers to produce a fixture that draws approximately 65% of the power at the wall while producing higher photosynthetic photon flux Density (PPFD) numbers in comparison to a conventional high pressure sodium fixture (HPS).


We are committed to providing our clients with efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly grow lighting solutions that will make a positive impact on grams per watt production for any size of facility. We will save you money, conserve electricity and stand behind the quality of our products! Happy growing!

Our Products

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We have efficient and eco-friendly solutions for all kinds of applications, from residential and commercial growing needs to facility lighting and everything in between.

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