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Who We Work With

The team at Eco Growtech is proud to work with some amazing Affiliate companies to turn our innovative ideas into reality. We work effortlessly to make products and services available that will add value to your growing needs whether through increased production, cost savings or convenience.

Fortis BC
Fortis BC Eco Growtech Affiliate Company

We’re proud to be recognized partner of FortisBC! Through our established partnership we are excited to be able to extend current and future energy rebates on to our customers to help them save money transitioning to high efficient lighting products such as ours!

A & L Canada Laboratories
A&L Canada Laboratories

A&L Canada Laboratories is one of Canada’s largest Agricultural and Environmental Laboratories. Located in London, Ontario, A&L provides reliable, comprehensive, effective services for analytical testing.

3D Printing

We are proud to work with Stratagen3D to offer a wide variety of custom accessories for our lighting systems. If any of our clients have any special requests please feel free to reach out to us!

Growth West Finance Ltd is a boutique cannabis regulatory compliance and project management consulting firm. The company was incorporated in British Columbia in 2008 specializing in business analysis used in funding facilitation for start ups, financing growth and operations in the biotechnology industry in Canada.
In the last ten years the firm has specialized exclusively in the Canadian Cannabis industry specializing in licensing, post licensing regulatory compliance and more recently business analysis for funding facilitation.

Humble Bees Botanicals - Eco Growtech Kelowna

Humble Bees Botanical Supply is a leader in providing USDA certified, organic vegan fertilizers for growers across North America. Their easy to use fertigation system allows you to enjoy organically grown vegetation, without the use of harmful chemicals and synthetic products.

Greentech Air Purification Dealer - Eco Growtech

The mission of Greentech Environmental Canada is to reduce the consumption of chemicals through the use of Eco-friendly technologies, in order to achieve sustainability. Greentech does this through selling pureWash and pureAir products that each purify water and indoor air.
Sessions Highlife
Sessions Logo

Our friends and partners, Sessions Highlife, are a premium selective marketing and sales agency steeped in cannabis culture. They specialize in building, creating, and storytelling in support of their clients’ goals.

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