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Automation Systems


 Autonomous energy and communication connectivity that brings together horticulture or agricultural facilities with automation, for complete visibility, self-diagnostic’s, in-creased productivity, operational control, lighting themes, and security that are intuitive and easy to navigate. 

Image of Eco GrowTech Automation System controllers


Today’s agriculture, horticulture, and related bio-technology industries call for an environment, continuously monitored and autonomously controlled, for optimum quality and production. Eco GrowTech provides complete turn-key solutions that pull every-thing together into one-simple control module, easily understood and to operate from any smart device, anywhere, any time. Both WIFI and Cellular connectivity available. 

Our specifically designed platform is an essential component that can easily be tailored for environ-mental and climate control, growth management, lighting recipes and spectrums, soil and plant requirements, irrigation and water treatment, security, monitoring and much more. 

All from one user-friendly dash board and integrated smart device. Start small and grow, the system is completely scalable and fits any budget. (residential & commercial applications available). 


  • Growth Management & Control 
  • Lighting Themes & Scheduling 
  • Environment Management 
  • Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) 
  • Heating / Cooling Connectivity 
  • Watering & Irrigation Control 
  • Individual or Network Control 
  • Remote Access & Monitoring 
  • User Friendly, One-Touch Controller 
  • Renewable Energy Connectivity 
  • Energy Management – Auto Demand Response (ADR) 
  • Emergency Power Readiness 


Growth Management

Scheduling, Monitoring, & Control 

Lighting Management

Scheduling, Monitoring, & Control 

Watering & Irrigation Control

Scalability & Central Control

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