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Automation Solutions

Most climate control computer technology is dependant on one central PC computer. The climate control manager works with multiple mini servers strategically located in various panels throughout the grow facility or Greenhouse complex to give you a true expandable Network for grow facility controls. Because most of our hardware is hardwired, no internet or cloud services are required for our systems. 

With our grow facility automation systems we are capable of controlling and monitoring the heating and cooling, humidity, CO2 levels, boilers, vents, dampers, fans, grow lighting, facility lighting, security systems, camera systems, RFID room entry with data logging to track personnel, security blinds, indoor shades, heating on-off valves or modulation of hot water valves, water treatment, nutrient dosing and much much more. 

Some of our hardware we offer is:

● Touch control panels
● Smart switches
● Motion sensors
● Security cameras
● RFID code touch panels (access control)
● Touch surface switches
● Video intercom system with 2-way audio
● Automatic shading
● Building audio systems
● Security shading
● Smart lighting
● Vent Motors
● Shade Motors
● Temperature and humidity sensors
● Motion sensors
● Water sensors
● CO2 metre
● PH metres and controllers
● Panel Mount EC metres
● Water metres
● Conductivity, level, pressure, oxygen, turbidity metres and controllers
● Water leak detection
● Smoke & fire detection

Our custom automation packages are powered by Loxone.

With Loxone hardware and software we are able to take care of thousands of different tasks and processes through intuitive automation. Whether in your own home, a commercial environment, a greenhouse or for a custom application. Creating automation with Loxone saves time and gives peace of mind knowing that everything is secure and under control.

Loxone Automation

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