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Discover Our Line Of LED Grow Lighting Products!

On this page you will find our industry leading line of Eco Growtech LED grow lighting products we currently offer.
We have efficient and eco-friendly solutions for all kinds of growing needs, from residential to commercial and everything in between.

Full Spectrum LED Bar Lights
Available in 4 Models

Our lights use the latest Samsung and Osram horticulture chip technology and high efficiency Meanwell and Inventronics drivers. We offer a variety of wattage and spectrum options for just about any of your growing needs!

Full Spectrum LED Bar Lights

Single LED Bar Lights
(4 Bar Kits)

Our single LED Bar lights are designed to offer supplemental light to your grow space. The primary applications for this lighting kit can be used as wall mounted or as sub canopy lighting.

Supplemental LED Bar Lights

These bars are designed to bolt into the EGT-650 and EGT-1100 bar lights and be controlled as a separate stand-alone supplemental lighting system. This gives the Growers the ability to perform different functions in the grow room using different light spectrums.

T8 Plug & Play LED Replacement Bulbs

Available in various sizes and spectrum options.

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