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Supplemental LED Bar Light image

Supplemental LED Bar Lights

These bars are designed to bolt into the EGT-650 and EGT-1100 bar lights and be controlled as a separate stand-alone supplemental lighting system. This gives the Growers the ability to perform different functions in the grow room using different light spectrums.

4 Spectrum Options Available:

UV Bars:
30 watt. Spectrum: 310nm
This spectrum is designed to be used the last two weeks of flower stimulate the trichome production increasing potency of the crop.

Flower Initiation Bars:
30 watts. Spectrum: 730nm
This spectrum is designed for flower initiation and is used to shorten the overall grow cycle time.

Emerson Effect Bars:
60 watts. Spectrum: 730nm / 660nm
This spectrum is designed to take advantage of the Emerson effect which increasing the photosynthetic activity of the plants

Blue Bars:
60 watts. Spectrum: 440nm
This spectrum is designed to round out the Spectrum. It can be used in veg to keep the internodal spacing tighter and can also be used in the flowering cycle to increase trichome production and increase potency of the crop

Custom spectrums available upon request.

Please note: This product is currently in development. Please contact us for release date.

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