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Eco Consulting, a division of Eco Growtech Inc., offers specialized consulting and advisory services to the agricultural and processing sectors with emphasis on food production and Cannabis Cultivation. Our mission is to deliver quality solutions, education, and technology that empowers  our customers in their growing journey.

At Eco Consulting, we support clients with onboarding and integration of new technologies that help reduce operating costs, increase yields, upgrade product environments, and improve plant quality. Through education and hands-on consulting, we skip the learning curve to help clients be successful with innovative energy efficient  solutions right from the beginning.

Our Canadian owned business harbours a team of industry experts providing on-site consultations, project assessments, online educational training, and full access to our line of leading-edge products. Our current product line includes facility optimization, horticultural lighting, pest and deficiency issues, substrates & nutrients (synthetic/organic), control & automation systems, irrigation systems, tissue culture pods, vertical farming systems, custom stainless work areas, financial consulting, financing, and access to government programs and services.

Our education platform will provide a variety of resources, including eLearning courses,  training videos, forum discussion communities, technical articles, blogs, podcasts, case studies and testimonials. Our goal is to provide an all-in-one easily accessible community solution that enables clients access to the research, information and  support they need, right when they need it.

By combining specialized consulting services, education, and technologies into one, Eco Consulting bridges the agriculture technology and information gap. We showcase the latest and greatest in advanced Canadian growing techniques & technologies by giving growers access to better products, expert support, and on-going  research backed education.

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